Reality Czech on Mama’s Guilt- ‘No Place For Them In Europe!’

“The solution is peace in Syria and the return of migrants to their homes. There is no place for them in Europe,” he said.


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  • Andrej Babis
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  • I was up late last night, watching the news on various channels, and getting more and more dismayed at the feeble failure of the Brussels elite to offer anything except crocodile tears after the monstrous atrocity in Berlin.

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  • Not a single one of the EuroCommissars had the guts or integrity to name and shame Angela Merkel as the guilty party.

  • Yet everyone knows that it was she who threw open the gates to so many of the sectarian savages who have unleashed hell on Europe.  

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  • Liar Juncker And ‘EU Rule Number One’ – Down With Democracy! 
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  • Far from it!

  • Juncker infamously told the few honest leaders of EUSSR member states who show interest in defending their peoples that they had NO RIGHT to do so.

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  • So Gott sei Dank for Czech Finance Minister Andrej Babis who told the truth when he said on Tuesday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel bore responsibility for the attack on a Berlin Christmas market and that migrants had “no place” in Europe. 

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  • The Enemy Within the Western world were quick to identify Mama Stasi  as Obama’s heir when the American election made it clear that the pro-crimmigrant occupant of the White House would be replaced by someone with a much more realistic understanding of the migrant menace..

  • If we look at that propaganda piece in The Leftal, sorry, The Local, it’s hard to suppress a wry smile. 

  • When we see people, global elites, wealthy corporations seemingly living by a different set of rules… this feeds a profound sense of injustice.” 

    That’s more or less what we here on RRA said about the Lagarde verdict, and could have said again when the IMF decided afterwards they would be happy to continue the arrogant woman in her seat of power, despite court recognition of her negligence.

  • But that was also what Obama had the nerve to say during his tour of Europe, which, if we were daft enough to take him seriously, might make us wonder why he campaigned so hard for Clinton, exemplar extraordinaire of that international elite!

    Clinton Cash Clique, Campaigning for Crimmigrants! 

  • But after the smile, a loud laugh at the pretentious drivel that followed, viz.

    Analysts said the meeting Thursday could be seen as a kind of passing of the torch from Obama to Merkel, whom he’s called “probably… my closest international partner” for stewardship of the free world.

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  • Stewardship of the free world?

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  • The two, for sure, have, and had, a great deal in common!

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    As a school-child, Obama was nurtured ideologically by the notorious marxist Frank Marshall Davis, a sedulous CPUSA activist.

    Yes, a red traitor, a dedicated member of the American Communist Party!

    Articles: What the Media Won’t Say about Frank Marshall Davis

     In the absence of his father, the young Obama was unlucky to have such a mentor, but of course his actions since cannot be excused by whom he engaged with as a boy. 


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    1995 Video: Obama Praises Communist Mentor Frank Marshall Davis …


    As for his heir-apparent, I’ve looked at Mama Stasi Merkel in this context before…


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    Mama Stasi – Am I Unfair To Merkel?

    …and leave it to you to decide into which category she falls.

    My own view tends to be less than charitable. She’s had plenty of time to repent but her subversive deeds suggest she has no regrets about her role as a young collaborator in the DDR, as the East German Soviet puppet regime called itself.

    Merkel was an enthusiastic hand-maiden of the Stasi…


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    …. the red gestapo which kept East Germans terrorised for the worst part of half a century.


    Hence it’s incumbent on all of us, especially the German electorate next year, not merely to note the common cause in which the pair were raised, but to ACT to end the subversion.

    And to heed the wise words of the Czech Finance Minister. 

  • “Unfortunately…(this) policy is responsible for this dreadful act. It was she who let migrants enter Germany and the whole of Europe in uncontrolled waves, without papers, therefore without knowing who they really are,” Babis said.

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  • “Germany is paying a high price for this policy.”