Um Gottes Willen! Merkel's Regime Exposed – Clueless Clowns!

Hasil gambar untuk anis a


Have you seen this Tunisian?

I offer a photo of Anis A, the ‘suspect’ sought by German Police in connection with the Berlin terrorist atrocity.

It’s from the UK Telegraph and NOT from Deutsche Welle, which tonight provided a partially obscured image totally unhelpful to anyone inclined to assist in the search.

DW’s reticence echoed the German provincial government spokesman they had on, who was unwilling to answer several of the questions put to him.

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  • It’s time Merkel and her clowns started to get real.

We did get a much more enlightening interview with somebody from the German Police Union, which told us SO much about the frivolity shown by the politicians in their pathetic handling of the terrorist issue.


It turns out that the poor cops are hand-cuffed by the in-crowd’s refusal to reform German law. This creep was refused ‘asylum,’ because he had no grounds for his pretended ‘refugee’ status.

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  • So he was supposed to be deported.

Tunisia refused to take him back. So, obviously, he should have been kept behind bars until this impasse was resolved.

Instead, despite his known nefarious affinities…

identified as a potential threat some time after his arrival in Germany and was supposed to be under surveillance..

… he was turned loose!


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If it transpires that he was involved – as ‘suspected’ – in terrorism, then this failure is yet another reason to hold Merkel accountable.

She has done NOTHING to reform the law which permitted this nonsensical situation. On the contrary, she and her coalition comrades are still wittering about how ‘liberal’ principles must not be compromised merely to keep citizens safe.


Seriously, have Germans not had enough, heard enough, of this offensive crap about ‘liberal’ values?

What about patriotism, decent conservative values, recognition that liberalism has done their country no good and much harm? 


It was good to read that German police ‘stormed’ an ‘asylum’ centre in Berlin’s disused Tempelhof Airport.

Berlin attack: German police storm refugee centre in airport hangar …

Gambar terkait

Tempelhof – in better days!


Going in mob-handed and turning over not one but ALL of these lairs might unearth a lot of info that would come in handy in the War on Terror.

I said that when I read of the raid a day or two ago, but now, looking at The Local last night, I say it again even more emphatically.

Terror suspect arrested in raid on refugee home in Salzburg state

A 25-year-old asylum seeker from Morocco was arrested on Monday morning after a police raid at a refugee home in Fuschl in the state of Salzburg, suspected of planning an attack in Austria. Austrian authorities say that they believe he “was planning a serious offence in the period between Christmas and New Year in Salzburg.”

So that’s where they found him!

Clearly all these so-called ‘refugee’ centres should be put under lock-down.

We are at war, and if I remember right, from my parents’ generation, enemy aliens were interned for the duration of their war.


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  • No way should we today be less vigilant.
  • How many ‘Anis A’s are lurking around, aided and abetted by Mama Stasi Merkel’s, lousy, lackadaisical laxity.
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