Model Democracy? Swiss In-Crowd Defy The People’s Will!

How many times have we held up Switzerland as the exemplar of true democracy, a country where any and every issue can be put to a free and fair vote by the entire electorate?


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  • But now the politicians in Bern have arrogated to themselves the right to scorn the people, defying the decision of their own citizens.
  • A referendum in 2014 rejected the ‘free movement’ migration policy so dear to the heart of the Brussels elite.
  • But this month Swiss parliamentarians spat in the face of their citizenry, approving only a ‘hugely watered-down version’ of the that referendum result.
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  • One can argue the case for and against ‘free movement,’ an argument which many Brits heard prior to the June 23rd freedom vote in the UK.
  • They found ‘free movement’ an unattractive prospect, as did most Swiss, evidently.
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  • But that’s not really the point.
  • What the politicians have done is subvert the very essence of the Swiss constitution, of which popular sovereignty is the foundation.
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  • The good news is that patriots are rallying, ready to challenge the condescending elitists in the legislature. 
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  • Fightback!


  • The Association for an Independent and Neutral Switzerland has taken up the gauntlet and vowed to fight for democracy.
  • It plans to launch a new initiative calling for the total abandonment of free movement between the EU and Switzerland.
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  • …AUNS said the Swiss parliament on Friday “renounced the independent and sovereign immigration policy that the people chose” when the public voted in favour of EU immigration controls in a February 2014 referendum.
  • “December 16th 2016 is a sombre day for the independence and neutrality of Switzerland, and for our direct democracy,” it said.   

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Well said, indeed.




The EUSSR is viscerally hostile to democracy.

Referenda are anathema to the EuroCommissars.

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  Liar Juncker And ‘EU Rule Number One’ – Down With Democracy


Sadly, it seems that, in the clandestine conclaves where Juncker’s Commissars have sat down with Swiss Ministers, the latter have been infected with the former’s supranational, authoritarian virus.

All power to the patriots of AUNS, to whom we should give wholehearted support.

Their fight is ours, just as we offer solidarity to every movement for self-determination, and we salute their call to arms.

 “We are a free, independent and sovereign country. We are not in the EU. Here, the people decide their fate!”


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Wilhelm Tell would be proud of them!