And Now Italy – Innocent Blood On Whose Hands?

A Senegalese man was on Thursday sentenced to 30 years in prison for the murder of Ashley Olsen, an American found naked and strangled in her flat in Florence, Italy in January.
Gambar terkait
Tidiane Cheik Diaw, 27, an illegal immigrant…

Enough said?

Except that…

If Red Renzi had not decriminalised illegal immigration, less than a year ago…




…this murderous savage could have been arrested long since, and not free to slaughter this poor woman who was ill-advised enough to consort with him.

True, the cultural marxist regime probably discouraged police from enforcing the law, even before they got rid of it. And true, too, that the beast might have evaded law enforcement.

But that is hardly germane.

Had the law been kept, and enforced, thousands of the crimmigrants now swarming all over Italy, and making life Hell for innocent Italians, would be under lock and key.




They’d not be raping, robbing and murdering anyone…

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…except perhaps each other, behind bars, where such undesirables belong.



It is important to recognise that illegal immigrants are NOT good people. Their incursions into other people’s countries instantly make them criminals, flouting the law by their very presence.

The fact that currently their incursions are being facilitated by the Brussels elite’s Frontex does not excuse their lawlessness, merely reminds us that all European states have an Enemy Within…




…flying an enemy flag, aiding and abetting those who seek to violate their borders.  .