Cops -“Heavy-Handed, Frightening Young Children?’ Get Stuffed!

Police were heavy-handed, frightening young children during a raid that targeted suspected Christmas Day plotter Zakaria Dabboussi…


When I saw the phrase ‘frightening young children,’I thought this might be reference to the ‘unaccompanied minors’ in Europe, many of whom are indeed ‘frightening’  Swedish police warn Stockholm’s main train station is overrun …but no, this is Australian news, about a police raid in Melbourne.


Oh, those NAUGHTY Aussie cops!



Next time they go after a terrorist suspect, they should be properly equipped with toys and chocolate bars! 

This geezer’s unsubstantiated slurs against the police have no place in serious news coverage.

In fact the next couple of lines in The Age report are actually quite offensive. 

Mr Dabboussi’s father, Youssef, described the search as “a terror act, a cowardly act…”

What a bizarre display of what some ignoramuses regard as ‘terror!’ Surely yapping old Yousef must be well aware of what the word actually means?’

We have just seen it in Berlin. We saw it in Nice, and in Paris, and many Aussies have not forgotten the terror that happened in Bali…


…so if prevention of similar atrocities in Australia means risking tears or tantrums on the part of juvenile members of a “suspect’s” kin –

Who gives a monkey’s?  


Maybe the “suspect’s” sire reckons the police should have put on Santa outfits, so any brats in the vicinity wouldn’t be upset?


Perhaps not, because Santa himself is reportedly something of a bogey-man in parts of that particular household.


A video shared on Facebook by Zakaria Dabboussi.

shared on the “suspect’s ” Facebook

Mr Dabboussi’s Facebook page hosts a series of videos, including one depicting Christmas as an “evil” occasion and St Nicholas, or Santa Claus, as “the devil….”

Now we’re getting somewhere.

And the hate-stuff isn’t only aimed at Christians.

He also ridicules the Shiite version of Islam, suggesting they pray using the wrong posture, and are misled about one god. 

Zakaria Dabboussi, 20.

And he looks like such a NICE boy!


Exactly who’s misled about God is an interesting question. We often hear terrorists invoking their ‘god,’ but which ‘god’ that might be…?


god of hellfire 


But we’ll skip that for today. 

Meanwhile, reading on through the report, it sounds to me that, if the whiners are even vaguely accurate in their description of police behaviour, the officers involved deserve a pat on the back!