Queen’s Speech – No Mention of Pardons For Her Troops?

Two retired soldiers have become the first members of the military to be charged with murder…they are being prosecuted over the killing of Official IRA commander John McCann, who was shot dead in central Belfast in 1972…  https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/dec/16/two-british-soldiers-charged-over-ira-leader-murder-1972-joe-mccann

Such a pleasant sunny day here, with Christmas only just gone, but when I read that, it felt like a black cloud, the rage that flooded forth.

Only 24 hours ago, I listened to Her Majesty The Queen’s annual speech…




…but that was before I caught up with the news from Ulster. 

Only a week after foul terrorism claimed the lives of innocents in Berlin, we have the rotten British establishment going after good British soldiers for taking out a terrorist swine engaged in treason.

It’s not as if this McCann was mistaken for a member of the IRA murder-gang. He’s STILL openly ‘honoured’ by his own kind for his role in the terror war against the Ulster Brits’ right to self-determination.

Mural, Shankill Parade, off Shankill Road.


Something of an understatement, surely, when the report says that  charging the pair 42 years after McCann’s death will provoke controversy over the retrospective prosecution of members of the security forces over killings related to the Troubles.

And listen to how the legal regime’s flunkeys describe the terrorist-   “The two defendants in the case are surviving members of the army patrol which shot Mr McCann.

Mr. McCann?   –Do we talk about Charles Manson as MR. Manson, or the mass-murdering Al Qaeda psychopath as MR. Bin Laden?

Hasil gambar untuk John McCann starry plough Belfast

Photographed amid flames in Eliza Street, holding an M1 carbine rifle beside the Starry Plough – Terrorist McCann in action..


The Official IRA leader was a republican legend even before his killing…

So no question of innocence!

The shooting was a public service, and a few medals, not persecution, would be appropriate recognition  for their action.


shoot terrs


How proud we’d all have been of The Queen, had she used her Christmas broadcast to announce that she’ll be issuing preemptive pardons, not just for these two men being victimised by a craven establishment…




…but for ALL members of her armed services who took part in the war on republican evil in Ulster.

Because they’re ALL at risk in this witch-hunt.

…police officers would be reinvestigating all 302 killings carried out by British troops…at least 500 ex-servicemen, many now in their 60s and 70s, would be “viewed as suspects” during the process.

 Two British soldiers to be charged over IRA leader’s 1972 murder |

God damn the swine who authorised this.

They disgrace the realm.

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They should be dismissed, with loss of all pension rights. And they should be named and shamed.