Brits! Protest Against This Gaystapo Escalation!

Just had an email from the UK’s Coalition for Marriage, seeking support for a fightback against a new and menacing scheme from Theresa May’s Government.




It seems the so-called ‘Conservatives’ are currently contemplating an ‘equality oath’ for people holding public office.  

The Government is backing the idea of an ‘equality oath’ for everyone who holds a public office. This could include school governors, civil servants, people working in the NHS and councillors.

People who believe in traditional marriage could be purged from public life under this proposal.


Using your own words, you may wish to make one or two of the following points:

  • Say that you completely disagree with the introduction of an equality oath for public life.
  • Say that the equality agenda is regularly used against people who believe in traditional marriage, such as Ashers bakery.
  • Say that there are so many different ideas of what ‘equality’ means that an equality oath is wide open to misuse.
  • Say that Government ministers have no mandate to force their beliefs on everyone else.
  • Say that enforcing an equality oath will destroy freedom of speech.
  • —————
  • Hear, Hear!
  • It’s one thing to clamp down on pig-ignorant sectarians who won’t treat men and women as equals.
  • That’s an alien ideology imported by undesirables, which should result in their deportation.
  • Traditional British values, held by those who opposed the nonsense of ‘gay’ so-called marriage and the evil of ‘gay’ adoption, should not be targetted…. 
  • ooooooooo
  • 393a3-yorkregioonalpoliceprotest
  • —-
  • …but it could easily happen.
  • The Coalition’s fears are almost certainly justified, given how many cases of gaystapo-inspired persecution have polluted British public life.
  • I applaud this appeal and hope our readers back in The Old Country bug their MPs about this new threat to freedom.