The Leftal Covers Up Another Outrage By Merkel’s Guests

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Youths who ‘set sleeping homeless man on fire’ turn themselves in

Youths who ‘set sleeping homeless man on fire’ turn themselves in

A comprehensive report on a brutal attack by mindless savages, full details of the time, place, etc.

….the CCTV footage showing a group of teenagers and young men entering an U-Bahn train at Schönleinstraße on the U8 line….the group can be seen laughing among themselves. According to the police report, the youths had just set fire to the clothes of a homeless man who was sleeping on a bench in the underground station.

Not so different, really, from the report on the same incident in the British newspaper, The Sun

The men, aged 15 to 21, are suspected of torching him at Schönleinstraße station and an attempted murder investigation has been launched.

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…for key information which Berliners, and citizens of every other European city infested with alien ‘migrants,’ are entitled to know. 

Six of the suspects are Syrian and one is Libyan.

evil children

Including, of course, at least one of those poor unaccompanied minors.’

Don’t let’s hear any more hogwash from the Left about ‘fake news’ until we start getting HONEST news without omission of essential information from the pro-crimmigrant media.

And don’t expect any apology from the pinkos at The Local for their slipshod and/or dissimulative journalism.