Yahoo – And The Sun – Brazenly Propagate Fake News!

There’s been a lot of chatter-box nattering about ‘fake news,’ even though the exact definition of the fashionable phrase remains tantalisingly unclear.


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  • To publish a selection of tweets from immature nit-wits and then claim it represents the unanimous opinion of a nation, however, surely fits the bill.

As soon as everyone heard about a ‘clean Brexit’, they all thought exactly the same thing


A majority of Britons voted for Brexit and they did NOT, and do NOT, think it means what the nitwits think it means.


Nor is there ANY evidence to suggest most, never mind all, British people think ‘Clean Brexit‘ means what the nitwits purport to think it means.


Come off it, lying media! 

But such adolescent tweetery pales into insignificance beside the blatant LIE published by The Sun!


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Everyone now wants Michelle Obama to run for president in 2020

Beg pardon, but have these media clowns got a SHRED of evidence that their claim is true….
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… that everyone wants this ghastly woman, who openly admitted that it was only her rotten husband’s election that allowed her finally to feel pride in America, to run for America’s highest office?
Let’s not kid ourselves – a lot of people want to be ‘in with the in-crowd.’ If people read that ‘everyone’ thinks this or that, they’ll wonder if they dare be the odd ones out.
It’s hardly a novel idea – the advertising industry has been using the strategy for years.
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Trivialising the British people’s fight for self-determination?Promoting the chances of a self-important, self-righteous shrew on the make? 
If people are truly concerned about the deployment of fake news for political advantage,  then let them peruse sources other than us conservative bloggers.