If They Were Your Daughters? Merkel’s Never-Ending Evil

Katharina and Lucille on German TV

German girls targetted by evil savages

‘They were JUST INTERESTED in you’ Prosecutors’ outrageous dismissal of migrant sex attack

“He groped my intimate area.

“Eight policemen arrested him.”

She explained that after they had arrested the suspect, the sex attacks went on as soon as the police left again, this time by the whole group of migrants. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/744031/Migrant-sex-attack-Germany-prosecutors-dismissal-just-interested-in-you

She added: “And no one helped me.”


merkel bloodhands

The German bitch responsible for importing the savages

Merkel’s Guests – The Latest! 

….the reply of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Oldenburg.

During their investigation, they wrote to the victims: “It is quite conceivable that the young men just wanted to show in this way they were interested in you.”

Those legal lice in Oldenburg presumably don’t have daughters.

Or any sense of common decency.

They are, in fact….


Hasil gambar untuk beneath contempt


…as indeed is the woman responsible for those girls’ ordeal…


merkel danger


…for whom it’s hard to calculate an adequate measure of punishment.