Forget Charlie Hebdo! Cartoonists Are Scared Of….Trump?

Woke up late today, last day of the year, to perhaps the most bizarre assertion heard on European TV media so far, a pinko connected to Cartooning for Peace…

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…telling France 24 viewers that Trump was ‘scary…’


And that the American cartoonists he’d recently spoken to are ‘scared about freedom of speech’ after the Trump victory last month. 




Cartoonist Vilks

 “Those who died were innocent. The cartoonist deserved to die!”  a pig-ignoramus Islamist called Bhostan Khan Hossein told a Danish court  Swedish artist ‘deserved to die’ says suspect – The Local


After the sectarian jihad against harmless cartoonists like the Swede Lars Vilks, this France 24 buffoon’s comrades see the American President-Elect as the problem that has them ‘scared about freedom of speech’ ?



After the Charlie Hebdo massacre, perpetrated by jihadist savages, this dork reckons TRUMP is scary?

But not one of the panellists on what’s laughingly (presumably) called the France 24 Debate called him out on his absurd claim.

The shrill Douglas Herbert (formerly with CNN, needless to say) an American fixture on this Gallic Pravda channel, instead got stuck right into Trump’s team, which he dubbed a ‘cabinet of horrors.…’


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Herbert – a repeat bias offender

France24’s Lefty Yank Eggs On Greek Pinko Agitator! 


Horror Herbert went on to deride the proposed school voucher system favoured by Trump’s Education pick.

In partisan rhetoric that would not have been out of place at one of Bernie Sanders’ millenial marxist rallies, Herbert ‘explained’ that voucher schools masquerade as public schools but really undermine the public school system...’

I’m no expert on USA educational issues, but what matters is that this pinko shrill is not just there for the so-called ‘Debate’ but just about every day, for years as ‘International Affairs Editor,’ injecting his bitter bias into the nightly news programme.

But there was balance…non?

Not much!

A leftist bint from France 24’s far-left ‘media partner,’ The Daily Beast, Tracy McNicoll by name, agreed that Trump was ‘scary…’   Why? Because Trump was bringing in non-politicians.


How scarily The Donald tries to keep promises!

However, a woman from the UK’s Telegraph, a Ms Moutet, did show traces of dissent, challenging Herbert’s grotesqueries –

Do you want civil war?’


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She disagreed with the bald-headed, bare-faced bigot Herbert on the schools issue too.

But she hastened to ensure that she’d be invited back some other day by adding that regardless of anything else she might say about Trump…

 ‘I was against him!’ 



They have never, on any of the many evenings or mornings I’ve tuned in, had a pro-Trump participant to provide even a semblance of balance in their ‘Debate.

FARCE24 simply serves the left-liberal internationalist agenda, which would be fine if they were a privately-owned cultural marxist outfit.                                                                                                                                        But they are subsidised from French public funds.


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.The channel has since 2008 been wholly owned by the French government..

That should cease.

Tout suite!

C’mon, Marine!