Husein Stamps His Little Foot! What Next? Mission To Moscow?

I have enjoyed watching Little Barack Husein making a total ass of himself, not least by his ludicrous assertion that Russia sought to ‘interfere with democratic governance.’

That’s surely a lie.




As far as can been seen, nobody has alleged, never mind produced any evidence, that the voting machines with which Americans cast their ballots, or the manual or electronic counting of those ballots, were subjected to interference.

What seems to have got Obama into tantrum mode is the hacking that exposed his Democrat Party apparatchiks’ dirty tricks.

All credit to Putin if he DID have a hand in letting the USA’s voters know more than Clinton wanted them to know about what a basket of Democrat deplorables were involved in the cheap and nasty tactics deployed on her behalf.




Having said that, Putin denies it, and has now humiliated Obama by declining to get into a ping-pong diplomatic melodrama.

Indeed, the Russian’s benignly dismissive response, refusing a recommendation to expel Americans – and extending an invitation to their children to attend a Christmas/New Year party! – has left the lame-duck stamping his little webbed foot in frustration, growling about ‘further’ steps against Russia.

Yet he’s as coy about revealing the next slings and arrows which he claims to have got up his sleeve as he has been about his CPUSA god-father.  Articles: What the Media Won’t Say about Frank Marshall Davis

Whatever can the cur be up to?

Hasil gambar untuk mission to moscow


Perhaps he’s recruiting a ‘death squad’ from among the sicko Clinton fans who have expressed an interest in killing Trump?

Donald Trump ‘assassination’ calls erupt on Twitter

Sending these pinko creeps off on such a mission against the Man in the Kremlin would be a grand idea.

Damn sure they’d never be seen again!