Lugenpresse? Fake News? Leftist Guardian Stands Accused!

We often use the Guardian as a source, to deflect facile jibes from leftists who claim we conservative bloggers rely on each other when we report news that the Lugenpresse prefers to ignore.

Indeed, it must have choked the ‘national broadcaster’ –  aka anti-national broadcaster –  to have reported on those Sudanese welfare bums we mentioned earlier today.

Brunswick Bludgers – Sudanese Snouts In The Public Purse! 


But now we need to look again at the Guardian as a useful source.

After the Guardian published allegations that Berlin’s police physically assaulted a terror suspect, the police have accused the newspaper of making up quotes.

“The story is completely without basis and we were enraged as we read it…

So said a spokesman for Berlin Police.

The Guardian’s bias is nothing new, their habitual references to patriot parties as ‘far-right’ whilst rarely, if ever, applying the far more accurate ‘far-left’ to parties like the Greens or even the Left Party…




….which is a direct descendant of the quisling cabal that misruled East Germany for nearly half a century as servile apparatchiks of the Soviet Occupation forces.

But let’s move on.

Naveed B, the man concerned, contradicts the Guardian.

 “I was neither beaten nor badly treated.”


A police spokesperson told FAZ that B. told them that a professional translator was not present at the interview with the Guardian, only an acquaintance who could speak a bit of his language.

He accused the British newspaper of putting words into his mouth, police claim.

Unfortunately, the Berlin Police have announced that they would not take the case any further. “This has already wasted enough of our time, but it has nothing to do with quality journalism.”

Nor has anything from the left-lib media got much to do with quality journalism.


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Their constant and corrosive slanting of news makes a mockery of what were once the principles of journalism.

We need more people like Trump in power, or, in Germany…


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…the AfD, who make no secret of their contempt for the Fourth Estate, or, as the Germans say, the Lugenpresse – The Lying Media!