A War-Mongering Guy – Thank God For Brexit!

Just been catching up on things I meant to blog about during the hols, and one of those things is Guy Verhofstadt, MEP, one of the main ‘negotiators’ in the Brexit talks due to start once T May gets off her butt and presses button A(rticle 50)


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  • He’s a gutless ratbag.
  • Why?
  • Because he’s calling for a European Army. That’s stupid, but not ipso facto gutless, I hear you say.  
  • Fair comment.
  • But his supranationalism is scary.
  • Having made it very clear he wants the abolition of national vetoes, the inevitable conclusion has to be that he sees nothing wrong with the Euro-Commissars ordering its deployment regardless of any member-state’s dissent.



He also made it absolutely plain that he wants Brussels to impose a No-Fly Zone in Aleppo.

He urged the European Council to make a no-fly zone in Syria a priority…

Guy Verhofstadt on Syria: ‘We need a European army’

NB – this was recorded some time before Aleppo fell, but the point remains. A No-Fly Zone means stopping planes flying there, and that means a willingness to use force to stop them.

But throughout the Conflict Zone interview on Deutsche Welle, he refused point-blank to admit that this would mean the European military enforcers would thus be at war.

Maybe Aleppo – or Idlib, now – might be better off with a no-fly zone, or maybe not. 

That is NOT the point.


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If there had been, or if the Euro-Commissars decide to re-float this guy’s scheme and try to impose one in another part of Syria, or anywhere, Guy Verhofstadt should have the courage to acknowledge that such a step cannot be taken without a readiness to open fire.


The Remainiacs denied over and over again during the referendum campaign that a European Army was on the Brussels agenda.

A bare-faced lie…


So thanks be that Brits voted to free their country from Brussels rule.

The prospect of being dragged into war by a majority vote, Verhofstadt’s Belgium ganging up with Mama Stasi Merkel and Juncker and others that they could coerce or control…


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…. regardless of objections from the UK or the Danes, the Dutch, the Czechs or the Poles, or any countries that dissent from whatever specious agenda the elite might at some time concoct, is a nightmare.

.Juncker calls for an EU army | News | DW.COM | 10.11.2016

And good reason for patriots in those lands to follow the British example and declare independence.