Collaborateur! But No Justice Likely In Hollande’s France

Just a few months ago, we published the true story of a French ‘farmer’ known to be aiding and abetting crimmigrants.

Crimmigrants, please note, who are not ‘fleeing war and poverty’ but illegally entering from ITALY!

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Afghan Pig Rapes Pensioner – Police Cover-Up ‘Sensitive’ Crime! 

Dangers do indeed exist in Italy but we know why, don’t we?


The man is a disgrace to his family, his rural culture and his country.

I include rural culture because, as a farmer’s son myself, I’ve always been aware that those who work the land have in general the strongest commitment not only to that piece of land they own but to the land to which they owe allegiance.

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  • They also have to work hard, with little time for fooling around, unlike this dirty rat, who (even the Guardian report has to note)…is now accused of being more activist than good samaritan. 
  • Herrou is part of a network of citizens and activists who have resorted to semi-clandestine tactics..
  • Hence my contempt for Cedric Herrou, who was previously arrested for aiding eight Eritreans, was let off by craven government legal curs and now, according to the Guardian –
  •  faces up to five years in jail and €30,000 fine if convicted…
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  • Aye, and I got a mention in the New Year’s Honours List – fat chance.
  • Just saw France 24 text news – even if the swine gets found guilty, he won’t do any time at all. 
  • The same report refers to two other French renegades who have been nabbed on similar crimmigrant collaboration charges.
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Here’s how collaborateurs were handled in 1945


One ‘academic’ got off with a slap on the wrist fine, a mere €1,500 fine while in the on-going case of a ‘researcher,’ prosecutors have called for a six-month suspended sentence.

Disloyalty’s an inexpensive hobby in Francois Hollande’s France!

 We may need to wait for a pro-French government before any real justice is meted out.

And let’s hope it ain’t just this bucolic berk.

All those other ‘activists’ – not just in France but in Spain…

Spanish activists face jail after ‘smuggling migrants into Europe

…and Great Britain….

200 British anarchists ‘help migrants storm Channel Tunnel’

…and Greece too…

Activists helped thousands of migrants illegally cross

….who aid and abet undesirable aliens.

Those too need to be rounded up and hauled before the courts for their shameful and treacherous misdeeds.




Time to war down The Enemy Within.