Till The Next Time, Tree!


Christmas tree back in its box again.



The idle days between outings were filled with reading, and I came across several new authors, new to me at least, like Harlan Coben and Duncan Falconer, whose fiction I recommend to all who like a rattling good yarn!

However, though Twelve Days of Christmas have gone by, the consolation is that, with Jakarta’s remaining resident foreigners all drifting back from their Yuletide overseas jaunts, the party season will resume next week and continue through the year.

As predicted this morning, my day passed agreeably, my visitor on time, more or less, a pleasant hour or so, then, since the sun was still shining down, I hung out the washing and headed for the warteg, where the cheery proprietrix welcomed me and her young assistants served up my usual order.

Then back across the road to a brand-new IndoMaret, much closer than the other mini-marts round here, where I resupplied myself with cigs.

The place only opened days ago, but when I walked in, the young lad behind the counter at once declared ‘Yes, Mister, Bohem Hijau, ya?’




Astounded at his psychic powers, I nodded, then he revealed that he had formerly worked in another shop and remembered their only foreign customer and his taste in smokes! I thanked him and wandered home, but not to do the ironing – another visitor tomorrow to assist with that!

Tonight, at home, actually cooking myself – mince and potatoes, a favourite from way back.

And tomorrow is another day. Nice to relax, and there’s also a pleasant thought to contemplate.


Only two more weeks till that ratbag gets evicted from the White House!.