France’s Macron – A Mere Merkel Sycophant!

We have surely heard  more than enough about how Emmanuel Macron is the amazing Boy Wonder who will come up through the centre and ‘rescue’ French politics from the threat of Marine Le Pen’s ‘populist’ patriots.


merkel danger
 “Chancellor Merkel and German society as a whole lived up to our shared values…Macron rants on.
What a load of Scheisse!.


Like honesty, when it was clear from the start that most of those flooding in were NOT refugees at all. No steps were taken by Malignant Mama to check them out before she let them in.

Democratic values? German society was denied any say by Merkel on the question of whether or not to throw open Germany’s sovereign frontiers?

Criticise Crimmigrants? Jail-Threat In Mama Stasi’s Reich! 

Whose shared values?

Not values shared by alien shariah codes that relegate women to sub-human status, the disgusting practices of polygamy, iniquitous inheritance rights and pedophiliac marriage.

Macron has shown himself an exemplar of The Enemy Within. 




The leader of the new political movement En Marche went on to say he would not tolerate the “rebuilding of walls in Europe…”,

His crass indifference to what has happened and continues to happen to defenceless women at the hands of alien predators…


hands off


….was made starkly clear when he shrilled that he’d “try to avoid generalisations “after the sinister violence against women last year in Cologne.”


“They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So! 


If They Were Your Daughters? Merkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

Gotta hand it to him though, he’s bare-faced in his denial of reality. 

“Nothing is more wrong than (the) abject simplifications” made by those who say that “by opening the borders to migrants, the chancellor exposed Europe to severe dangers,” he said.

God forbid anyone would define as ‘severe dangers’ all the incidents we’ve covered since the savage tsunami began.

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Macron is a menace, and not only to France!



Vive Marine