What Next – Obama's Wife For SCOTUS?



The BBC can generally be counted on to take an anti-British stance…

Will the BBC EVER Be Pro-British

..and a pro-Obama stance…

BBC’s All-American Anti-Cop Lynch-Mob – Round Two? 

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..but having just switched channels to see what new nadir of bias they’ve reached today, I was horrified but not surprised to see them provide a platform for a little black leftist girl, named Jamila, I think…




…to declare that Michelle would make an excellent candidate for any vacancies that might arise on the US Supreme Court!

At least it’s less ludicrous than the absurd fake news  that went the rounds recently, that ‘Everyone’ wants Michelle to run for POTUS –Everyone now wants Michelle Obama to run for president in 2020  – but given her grotesque record of partisan politics…

Hasil gambar untuk everyne wants micelle to run

Confirmed! Michelle Obama Copied DNC Speech

…it’s hard to imagine anyone LESS qualified to make objective rulings on matters of controversy.

The occasion for this was M. Ob’s farewell speech, surrounded by a mob of sycophantic sob-sisters – yes, tiresome dorks dramatically dabbing their eyes!…

Hasil gambar untuk michelle obama final speech

That silly cow on the bottom left was the funniest to watch

…and yes, I can see why the BBC would use this in their news programme.

But if they MUST have a postscript of American comment, SURELY at least a ‘for’ and ‘against?’

Instead we had that pinko nonentity named something like Jamila SINGING her praises.

Chuck it, Beeb!

We’re wise to your anti-American, as well as your anti-British, agenda.


PS -they just had their ‘news’ item on again – the little girl’s name is Jamia Wilson!