Hamas – Sicker Swine It’s Hard To Imagine!

After a very long pleasant lunch with a very charming friend in South Jakarta, and being in any case somewhat lethargic still, after the holidays, I have to confess that I was struggling to summon up the energy to resume blogging tonight.

But then…there’s always something that does the trick! 

As we know, Islamist fanatics don’t just offend non-Muslims with their shameless intolerance.


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  • They also shame and shock decent Muslims too, by almost everything they say and do, whether it’s the ISIS rape-gang in Mosul…


  • sharia-law1
  • …or the pig-ignorant savages who flaunt their fanaticism in Western cities.
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  • But Hamas, the sectarian swine who run the Gaza Strip, have managed to shock even me with their latest, unbelievably nauseating, stunt.


WATCH: Hamas Mocks Dead Israeli Soldier With “Birthday” Videos

Hamas released videos on Saturday that mocked a deceased Israeli Defense Force soldier whose body the terrorist group has held since 2014.


In the first video, the face of Staff Sgt. Oron Shaul is superimposed on an actor, who is bound and sits cowering in front of a birthday cake with three candles, signifying three years that his body has been held by Hamas.

Shaul’s face is animated to sing “Happy Birthday to You” in Hebrew with a thick Arabic accent…

You can follow the link above to get the full story.

It does tend to make one ever-so-slightly contemptuous of any outfit that vomits out such psychotic garbage.




CAIR poster


…contemptuous also of their rabid running-dogs in Western countries

Center for Security Policy | C.A.I.R. is HAMAS: