An Apostate Attacks Ahok – Denies Right To Criticise!

A most peculiar woman, Irena Handono.

She was apparently, once upon a time, a Catholic nun. Then she turned apostate, converting to Islam.


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Irena Handono


  • Fair enough.
  • I’m not one of those people who would harm, or even disrespect, apostates.
  • Anyone should have the right to change religion, if they decide the one they grew up in is wrong for them.




That’s what religious liberty is all about, using your God-given brain to think and work out the rights and wrongs  of the meaning of life, and death.




If a Muslim wants to become a Christian, he or she has the absolute right to do so, just as Irena had the absolute right to leave her Catholic faith and become Muslim.

Apostasy should NEVER be a crime.

Irena went on to become an ‘Islamic preacher.‘

And obviously an Islamic preacher of the extremist variety, because she is one of those fanatics who wants Jakarta Governor Ahok to be convicted of ‘blasphemy.’

Of course the idea of ‘blasphemy’ being a ‘crime’ seems absurd to most people in the countries I used to live in, but here in Indonesia, there is, alas, a law against it.

But Islamist Irena seems to interpret ‘blasphemy’ rather more widely than most of us would.

If you are crass or crude or just plain stupid enough to say rude things about God Almighty, then, yes, that surely counts as ‘blasphemy.’


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  • ======
  • Blasphemy is basically an exalted variety of bad manners, and God Almighty, being both omniscient and omnipotent, will be aware of such ill-advised rudeness, and more than capable of  retaliation.  
  • That’s why it seems so daft to use man-made legislation to deal with it.
  • But Islamist Irena appears to reckon that it’s not only discourtesy to the Deity that needs to be checked.
  • “As a non-Muslim, Ahok should not criticize Islam,” she said. 
  • WHAT?
  • Why not?
  • Why should non-Muslims not be free to criticise Islam?
  • One of the foremost Muslim fanatics demanding that Ahok be punished – actually, killed.. – is Habib Rizieq, of the FPI, the self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front.’
  • And he recently mocked Christianity in rather crass terms.
  • So what is sauce for the goose should surely be sauce for the gander, no?
  • However, whilst searching for a photo of Islamist Irena, what should I find but that one up above.
  • And if you examine it carefully, you’ll see that it shows her at an ‘International Women’s Conference!
  • Whose International Women’s Conference?
  • hizbut_flag


And as we know, Hizbut T is SO far-out that even many Muslim countries have banned it. Cast-Iron promised to do so in the UK, but that was just another of his lies. 

Hizbut Tahrir UK – “When ‘Moderates’ Talk of Peace, They’re Lying!” 




HT categorically rejects democracy and wants all currently independent nations subjugated to a global caliphate.

We’ve covered this califofascist gang before, more than once. 

Indonesia Retains Red Ban – So Why Not HTI Too? 

hizbutisrael ‘Wipe Israel Off the World Map’ – Hizbut Tahrir
‘Charlie Hebdo, Proof that Democracy’s Rotten’  – Hizbut Tahrir

Hizbut Tahrir Non-Violent? Implement The Promised Ban

So obviously no patriot or democrat in Indonesia, or any country, should associate, in any way, with such an outfit, much less participate in their conferences.

However, our little bit of research does explain a lot, about both Apostate Irena’s testimony against Ahok, and about her ridiculous assertion that her religion should be above criticism.

Oh, and you can watch her on You Tube, if you speak Indonesian.

MMC News_Ustazh. Irene Handono; Campakkan Demokrasi Sistem Jadul, Tegakkan Khilafah.

Basically, she’s ranting about how ‘Democracy’s Done, Let’s Establish the Caliphate.’



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