An Appeal to Americans – Solidarity With Sessions!

As ever pleased to respond to requests to show international solidarity, and well aware of the disgusting record of Obama’s flunkeys at the US Justice Department…

Is Denver In USA? So Why No Priority For US Citizens? 

...I append an appeal from AFA for Americans to contact their Senators and urge support for Jeff Sessions.

I was all set to publish this an hour ago, but delayed so I could post it after midnight here – I like to try to ensure there’s a post every day!

As it happens, the delay gave me a chance to watch the Attorney General designate being questioned at his Senate hearing. He handled it well despite interruptions from leftist shrills, including some clowns dressed up as KKK.


  • Hasil gambar untuk senate sessions hecklers

KKK clowns


  • Another one was so grotesquely obese and unkempt that I thought at first it might be the unwholesome hypocrite Michael Moore, but the oaf had a red beard, so probably not!

Anyway, here’s the AFA appeal.