Jakarta Islamist Mob Amok – “We’re Muslim, Don’t Provoke Us!”

Idling out front after a late brunch of noodles and potatoes ( very multicultural!)  I took my plate into the kitchen sink, and thought I’d switch the tv to the Australian channel, which I tend to avoid as it’s basically ABC at large.




Until they clean out their pinko sty, it’s hardly a reliable source of impartial ‘news.’

Just Asking- Does Red Vixen Trioli Yet Leech Off ABC’s Public Purse? 

Virginia Trioli is a puffed up, tired old TV news hack. Only the ABC could possibly give her any work —at our expense, of course.

They still have that demented leftist Trioli on their pay-roll, despite her utterly unprofessional antics after the climate change interview with Barnaby Joyce, and…


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The First Cut is the Sweetest – But Best to Axe ABC Entirely! 

…one has to wonder about their Indonesian correspondents, after the infamous smear on the Oz Royal Navy.

However, I was just in time to see a report from right here in Jakarta, outside the court where the Ahok witch-hunt, sorry, ‘blasphemy trial’ is in progress.

A mob of Islamist savages set upon a man taking photos (in a public place, and beat him, so the Australian tv news said today.

Police eventually got hold of the thugs’ victim – no mention if any of the hoodlums were arrested for assault (don’thold your breath!) but the Aussie reporter asked some clown on the scene about the hooliganism.

‘We are Muslims. Don’t provoke us,” came the arrogant sectarian response.

To which the obvious response should have been –

‘Why don’t you bloody well grow up and exercise a modicum of adult self-discipline?’

Obviously no such response was heard.

Who do these people think they are, as if they, unlike normal human beings, dare not be treated other than with kid gloves.

Such infantility.

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  • Rest assured, good readers, most Indonesians, Muslim or not, are not like tantrum brats like that rabble lot.

It’s just a shame when self-righteous buffoons give the world that impression. 


Incidentally, I checked the Jakarta Post and the Jakarta Globe, but couldn’t see any mention of the incident. Only another local blog gave it some attention, under the headline –

Man allegedly beaten by Islamic hardliner mob for yelling “free Ahok” near them  http://jakarta.coconuts.co/2017/01/10/man-allegedly-beaten-islamic-hardliner-mob-yelling-free-ahok-near-them

If that’s true, good on the guy! All Jakarta should be yelling the same!