Obama Lies To The Last – ‘The Cuban People?’

Can’t get away from that poser today  – every damned channel carrying his vainglorious hogwash ‘final speech’

( I’ll bet it won’t be!)


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But on CNN news just now – along with a promise to repeat the whole damn thing again within the hour! – I caught part of his rant, the brazen lie about how he’d ‘opened up a whole new chapter with the Cuban people.’

The Cuban people?

They’ve had no say in the government of their own country for over fifty years…




…ever since the unlamented louse Fidel Castro seized power and began installing systematic communist oppression, a brutal and despotic regime.

communism tyranny

Thousands of brave Cubans died fighting the tyrant, thousands more fled to America for freedom.  

We saw how they, their kids and grandkids too, received the news of the demon’s death. 


Gambar terkait


Obama’s dirty dealings were done NOT with anyone representing the Cuban people, but with the dead dictator’s similarly evil brother.