‘The Emotional Levers That Led To The Brexit Vote…!’

How’s this for a ripping yarn?

The book moves between privileged middle classes and migrant workers on zero-hours contracts in a pie factory. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2017/jan/09/vanguard-of-brexit-fiction-set-to-appear-in-2017-mark-billingham


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The novel highlights the emotional levers that led to the Brexit vote.  

Bound to be a page-turner, yeah?

Not only ‘a pie factory’ but elements of chilling horror – a metropolitan couple forced to downsize to Devon because they cannot afford to divorce.


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I read a lot, either out front on Jakarta’s sunny mornings, or, almost as much, on my frequent bus journeys around the city.

Since Lotte Mart (a hypermarket chain here, with branches all over town) started selling imported paperbacks at excellent discount prices ( Rp.30 -45,000 – that’s between three and five dollars), I’ve mined that source many times.

My last foray into their branch in posh Kuningan ended with me taking home no less than four books, including a genuinely rivetting detective story by Scotland’s Ian Rankin about high-level corruption by the big business/political elite…


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…and three more.

Today, unusually, I have nothing to do and all day to do it, so I am hoping the sun comes out soon, so I can resume my relentless quest for an impressive tan to show off when I go abroad next month.

I’ve finished the Rankin book and moved onto another.


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  • A brief outing to find the tukang gado2 is also on my agenda. gado-gado-indonesian-vegetable-salad-with-peanut-dressing – Saveur

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  • Anything,  I confess, to get away from the TV, where CNN is currently blatting out the imminent joys of Obummer’s farewell – which is being touted as akin to The Sermon On The Mount.

  • ………………..
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  • But that Guardian article has me smiling through my third kopi hitam.

  • The other ‘Brexit fiction‘ reviewed – the phrase truly evokes Cast-Iron Cameron’s Project Fear…




…might be more fun, or at least funnier…

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It’s about a ‘populist power grab!

Douglas Board’s political thriller Time of Lies.

Wot, MORE about the Remain campaign? No…

Set against the 2020 general election, a monstrous rightwing demagogue with a hardcore following of violent young thugs stages an anti-elite coup to win.

Duh, that would be…who?



Not bloody likely!