The UNWORT Jury – Who Elects Germany’s Language Gestapo?

The Local aka The Leftal has a most curious article this week, about some little lefty clique calling itself the Unwort Jury.

They are a rather self-important and very self-righteous clique, a self-styled jury of language expertsmade up of four linguists and one journalist…\


Gambar terkait




  • One of the current in-crowd is a professoress named Nina Jansch, from Darmstadt, who sure has that kind of know-all po-face you’d expect from a busy-body! She seems to delight in scolding mere ordinary German folks about how they talk their own language. 


Yes, believe it or not, that’s what they do.

Each year these uppities, self-appointed or perhaps chosen by like-minded arrogant ‘experts’…


elite arrogance-s

  • -there’s no mention of any democratic credentials, certainly no election by the people they condescend to lecture on what vocabulary is politically unacceptable this year
  • ———–
  • … get together, then make a pompous declaration of what words they don’t think should be used by the rest of their fellow-citizens.
  • This past year, according to The Leftal, the UN-WORD is Volksverräter  –  which they mis-translate as ‘Traitor of the People.’


merkel danger


In fact, it means ‘Traitor TO the People,’ which sounds quite a suitable word to apply to the likes of Mama Stasi Merkel and her coalition cabal.

That pinko bint Janich got her knickers in a right (sorry, left) twist about Volksverrater – because many German patriots use it to describe politicians in an “undifferentiated and defamatory way.” 

This usage “strangles serious discussion and, in doing so, the discussions necessary for a democratic societyl”

We could point out how serious discussion faces a much more real danger of strangulation from the Red Nazi elements in Mama  Stasi’s coalition.

Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration!’ 

Never mind – Janich, of course, simply MUST be more qualified than the rest of us on how to discuss key issues like Merkel’s treason.

Cause she’s a uni toff, right?

Turns out the ‘Jury’ was originally spawned by the German Language Society  – again a bunch of academics, un-elected by anyone – but the Unwort jury split to become independent in 1994.

Needless to say, these left-lib stuck-ups don’t like Lugenpresse (lying press) either…although there’s plenty of evidence to support its usage! 

Lugenpresse Oesterreich? Call Me Cassandra! 

DW V Trump – Lugenpresse, Noch Einmal! 

Lugenpresse = Lying Press = Sweden’s Media Vermin 

….and last year’s winner was Gutmensch (do-gooder) – an expression the jury claimed “blocks democratic exchange and substantial debate” by linking tolerance with naivety or even moral imperialism. 

There ya go!


Moral imperialism?

They ALWAYS drop the mask eventually, and slither into pseudo-marxist hogwash!!  

Maybe since everybody is allowed to send in suggestions for an unwort – though naturally not vote on it…

Hasil gambar untuk let the people vote


  • …perhaps some sensible citizen might submit that much abused word ‘Fluchtling.’

It means ‘refugee’ but is often used VERY inaccurately to describe all of Merkel’s horde.

In any case, its construction, with that ‘ling’ at the end,  a diminutive indicator, misleadingly makes one think of ‘poor wee things, awww…’

Most inappropriate!

hands off

…when discussing the sort of brutal alien sex-predators who are plaguing Germany.