Courses for ‘Clerics?’ Worthless, If No Tests Included!


One might wonder, if people are considered needful of instruction in the basic principles of democracy,  who vetted their entry into the country in the first place?


Hasil gambar untuk vetting?

BUT anyway…  

Italy’s Interior Ministry is preparing a course in common constitutional decencies for  ‘clerics’ operating within their borders.

Participants will learn about Italy’s constitutional principles including freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the right to have a place of worship and practise religion.

Italy’s imams to get training on the Constitution

That’s all well and good, but – apart from the fact that it’s only in some areas of Italy – …

‘Participants’ in our classes in high school were taught about such things as German/French grammar, how to use Bunsen Burners in science classes, historical events, and Shakespeare’s works.


Gambar terkait

  • Or at least we studied them!
  • —–

Whether we LEARNED them or not was established by tests and exams.

So the same should apply to these lessons set by the Italian Government. Clerics enrolled  in the course – it’s not clear if enrolment is compulsory, as it no doubt should be – should face assessment!


Simple questions, for example –

Do you reject as barbaric any suggestion that people who leave one religion to join another, or abandon religion altogether…




…should be subject to harm, threat of harm, or other anti-social victimisation?


Do you understand that only retards would offer threats of violence or actual violence towards those who mock your own or any other religion?




Do you agree that it is disgusting and iniquitous for anyone to suggest that men may have more than one wife…




…yet women should NOT have the right to enjoy more than one husband?


Do you agree that women should be free to dress as they please, subject to Italian law?


  • burqa
  • ———

Do you agree that daughters should be entitled to the same share of inheritances as sons?


There are other questions that might be useful, but those, I think, make quite a good start! 

The new courses are part of a €90,000 plan from the Interior Ministry to improve integration of Muslims in Italy.

All right.
But let’s be fair.
Not only Muslims should be registered for this learning process – the classes and the tests should be compulsory for all varieties of preachers, because, after all, there are unsavoury aspects to more than one creed.
And the ‘graduates’ should be required, as part of their subsequent license to preach, to stand up regularly in pulpits and advise, warn and exhort their congregations to heed the basic lessons in the course.
out with them
Refusal to do so ought to result in their exclusion from pulpits, in mosques, temples and churches.
And, one hopes, from Italy too.
PS I re-read the article, and the move is not aimed solely at any one religion but at all denominations not registered  in Italy