Wow! Jakarta Debate – Ira Koesno Ain’t No Rotten Raddatz!

I tuned into the debate last night.

The Jakarta gubernatorial election debate that is, and purely by accident, because it was on Trans TV and I was waiting to see which one of their tiresome repeats they’d present as our weekend treat. In the end it turned out be A Man Apart.

I enjoyed that the first time I saw it, some years ago.

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Now…not so much.

Can’t Trans TV do better?


But whilst awaiting cinematic delights, it was interesting to watch Ahok taking on his two rivals, and nice to see a cheering crowd of supporters among the studio audience.


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  • Ahok
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Interesting also to learn that some 1700 police officers had been detailed to make sure all went safely, a wise precaution when so many Islamist fanatics have been heard demanding his death for no rational reason.

So Has Indonesia Come To This? Paradise Lost? 

The debate wasn’t as much fun as any of those Trump-Clinton clashes!

Yet the moderator was a lot less biased than some of those individuals who filled that role in the recent US presidential election debates – one of those got all boo-hoo, when it was clear Trump was winning!


Hasil gambar untuk martha raddatz tears————————–

Hillary Shill Martha Raddatz Starts To Cry Over Trump Victory – YouTube

 Almost needless to say, ABC’s Martha Raddatz denied it!

But you can be the judge!


As for the Indonesian debate, I won’t say which candidate was most persuasive, as I only saw part of it. 

That lady doing the moderating, however, was downright impressive, telling the turbulent fans, of all sides, to pipe down or the show would not go on!

And who was this paragon of imperious impartiality?


Hasil gambar untuk ira koesno


Ira Koesno!

English readers might like to know that she is apparently a Chelsea supporter!

Incredibly, she is also forty seven years old, which you may or may not believe, but I can assure you that the photo above is an reflection of her appearance.

She’s drop-dead gorgeous!

And living proof of what I have often said, that Indonesian women are among the most lovely in the world..