BBC Bat Badgers Far-Left Yank, For ALL The Wrong Reasons!

I watched BBC yesterday, in a masochistic moment, and witnessed a haggard blonde Beebette hectoring Glen Greenwald.


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  • I had to laugh at her increasingly desperate efforts to force the recalcitrant American leftist to toe the official cultural marxist line about the ‘revelations’ so widely discredited that even CNN seems embarrassed at their effort to help spread them.
  • I have been pretty savage in my previous descriptions of Greenwald.

Glenn Greenwald: Raving Leftist | Frontpage Mag

….but unlike the fat-heads at Broadcasting House, he understands that more and more people are getting smarter at spotting fake news.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for him to debunk the myth that Mama Stasi Merkel’s alien horde comprises ‘poor desperate refugees.’

Any more than I’ll expect to see any BBC hack or hackette deploying such an aggressive interview style when facing Euro-Commissars on the migrant menace, unless the Beeb thinks that Brussels is not splashing out enough UK tax-payers’ money on ingrates!

Nor will I ever hope that the BBC might show disapproval of criminal activity at Britain’s borders.

Cacaphonous Calais Crimmigrants, Blatant BBC Bias