Best Tell Nasty Nils To Get Stuffed!

The arrogance of EurocRats never ceases to amaze.

We’ re all used to the anti-democratic rants of the Brussels bullies, Liar Juncker etc., and to the robed clowns of the EuroCourts.

But now we have the  Council of Europe, described as ‘the continent’s leading human rights organization,‘ hectoring little Slovenia, one of the smallest nations in Europe, one of the nations which emerged as a free republic after the dissolution of Communist Yugoslavia.

Slovenes Show Europe the Way - Referendum in Defence of Decency!

You’ll remember that, like Croats, Serbs and Macedonians, the Slovenes found themselves in the path of the crimmigrant rabble stomping its way from Greece towards the German welfare trough.


Few of those phoney ‘refugees’ were interested in colonising Slovenia; it was simply another milestone on their aggressive advance into the heart of Europe.


Marauding migrants on the Macedonian border


Hence they showed no respect for its sovereign borders, gate-crashing with the same disdain for frontier as was evident among the Calais Curs illegally aiming to cross the English Channel.

Crimmigrants in Calais


With more aliens continuing to land on Greek islands, the menace to Balkan borders may have abated, but certainly not ceased.

Accordingly, the Slovene parliament has been taking sensible steps to prevent further incursions.

The changes, expected to be debated in parliament next week, would enable the police to seal the country’s borders to most illegal immigrants for a limited period if parliament deemed it necessary for security reasons.

And THAT has the Council of Europe sticky-beaks up in arms?

Hasil gambar untuk gotta be kidding


Indeed it has.

Their ‘Commissioner for Human Rights’ – a geezer named Nils Muiznieks –  born in L.A, USA! – has sent an uppity epistle to the speaker of the legislature in Ljubliana! 

Nasty Nils is lecturing him  – how dare the little country contemplate self-defence if its proposed new laws  “are contrary to international law and undermine human rights”

sod that

Stuff that!

We hear altogether too much about international law human rights, and not enough about the fundamental right, and duty, of sovereign governments to safeguard their own citizens. 

Now that name Nils rang a bell, and sure enough, I checked back – he has appeared in our pages before!

You’re NOT Alone, Poles – The Enemy Within’s Also After France! 

To save you the trouble we re-produce the relevant parts below, notably Nasty Nils’ vacuous verbal attack on France’s endeavours to defend her citizens against the shariah savages of ISIS.
 Nasty Nils
The Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner Nils Muiznieks said Tuesday that France’s state of emergency could constitute a “threat” to democracy.
   This American-born ‘Latvian’ agitator has an unwholesome record, in which the loathsome name of George Soros looms large.




Nasty Nils was Programme Director at the Soros Foundation-Latvia and also Head Nosey-Parker at the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance from 2010 to 2012, no doubt coining it in, lush plush salaries being usual in the arrogant equality industry.
His antics have included scolding the Czechs for their ‘intolerance’ towards undesirable Roma, calling for re-education of journalists who didn’t share his pro-Roma prejudice…

In other words, no more a friend to civilised countries than Soros…-

…whose record speaks for itself.

One hopes that the Slovene House Speaker will respond to Nasty Nils in appropriately diplomatic manner.

Something like this, perhaps…