Breaking – Obama Commutes Traitor Freak’s Sentence

Just up to let the cat out – it’s not quite 5am here in Jakarta…




…she must have hidden behind the sofa and thus  avoided her usual overnight eviction.

Anyhow, I switched on the tv. 

What do I hear but that Obama has commuted the sentence of that utterly revolting ‘transgender’ traitor Bradley Manning.

No, I won’t call it ‘Chelsea!’

bradley maningobamalizard


It now looks like it will be released in May!

I now await news of the posthumous pardon I predicted for another traitor…

Whatever Next? Posthumous Pardon for Benedict Arnold? 

 …who at least was not a sexually maladjusted freak!


At the moment, some CNN dork is gabbling about how there was talk of suicide if the thing had been kept behind bars where it belongs.

All the more reason to oppose any suggestion of release, I’d have thought!.