America’s Deliverance – But Will Trump Last Long?

It’s 20th January!

By the time  all my readers open this, it will be America’s Day of Deliverance, the end of an evil pestilence which has stricken the USA for eight long years.’




Decent people all over the world will join with American patriots to celebrate Donald Trump’s inauguration.

However, let’s be realistic.

Donald will not do all the things we would like him to.

The moral blight of ‘gay marriage’ is not a big deal to the President-Elect.


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  • His downright bizarre assertion that the subversion of marriage is ‘settled law’ (patent hogwash, given that it”s a recent ruling that a saner SCOTUS could reverse next year!) while Roe V Wade  -the SCOTUS abortion ruling – is not…




…that’s just rubbish.

Slavery was once ruled constitutional. No way would anyone today expect slavery to be ruled constitutional  again. Same with the gaystapo nonsense! It’s an ephemeral aberration, which must be put right ASAP.

Sooner, we hope, rather than later, ‘gay rights’ will be relegated to where they belong…


Gambar terkait


…the moral trash-can of history, along with slavery.

But overall, Trump’s tweets reassure – he has shown he will not buckle to PC drivel  or to vested interests.

For that reason alone, I fear for him.


So many evil people want to kill him.

We know that disloyal savages in the USA – many not even American, as shown by their flaunting of alien flags – have shown themselves prepared to use violence against democracy. 


  • How many death threats has Trump received?
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‘About time for an assassination’: Trump death threats swamp Twitter …

And this menacing scenario is dramatised by prominent ignoramuses who tell other Americans that Trump is not ‘legitimate.’
Let’s face it – such rants are incendiary!

Anyone, in any country, who is persuaded that the government is not ‘legitimate,’ will clearly feel entitled to take any steps necessary to remove such an ‘illegitimate’  regime.



  • Stauffenberg did his best in Germany, when he tried to kill Hitler.
  • Jean Bastien-Thiry, in France, incensed by the sell-out to FLN terrorism…


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Jean-Marie Bastien-Thiry was a French Air Force lieutenant-colonel and military air weaponry engineer. He was the creator of the Nord SS.10/SS.11 missiles. He attempted to assassinate French President Charles de Gaulle…  Jean Bastien-Thiry – Wikipedia


…paid the ultimate price, before a firing squad, like Stauffenberg, for a similar action against Charles De Gaulle. 

Rightly or wrongly, they had heard the call of conscience, and answered it.

And for the malignant Left, it’s not even a matter of conscience!


Gambar terkait

The cool kids in the media hate Trump – Washington Times

Hate is the fundamental ideology of The Left

Motivated purely by hate, a lot of brain-dead reds in the USA  – these days known as ‘progressives,’ inexplicably – only need a little bit of a push to disregard law and morality, and pick up a gun or plant a bomb.

The far-left in the United States is just as wicked and ruthless as it is in other countries, like Australia…

Memo to Oz – Stop Antifa Storm-Troop Thuggery! 

Obviously, vile low-life leftists need to be put down like the rabid curs they are.  Trump-hating race crime against defenseless white man..

But what are we to make of that senescent old swine John ‘Gollum’ Lewis?

He’s high-profile, and his spittle-flecked rancour has been reflected all across the left political spectrum, spread gleefully by CNN and other ‘Enemy Within’ media.


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John Lewis: Donald Trump is not a ‘legitimate’ president – CNNPolitics


Every Un-American media creep or Deplorable Democrat who belly-aches  (not about policies but about ‘legitimacy’) against the President-Elect, whose election is INDISPUTABLY legitimate, is pouring gasoline on the fire.

Their irresponsible ranting is a green light to gun-nuts on the Left. 

And they DO know what they are doing.

Let’s hope the security services are on high alert.