Mad Minx March – A Sad American Pinko In Vienna!

One might think that blonde women in Vienna should indeed be out on the streets together protesting.

Given how much danger they face if they dare to venture forth onto those streets on their own…



“Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” So DyeThat Blonde Hair

…thanks to the folly of allowing unvetted primitives into Austria, protests should be loud and long.

But today’s Mad Minx March is NOT about that – far from it!

The organiser is not even Austrian!

If I tried to organise a protest march about anything here in Jakarta, there’d be trouble – because Indonesia takes a very dim view of foreigners who engage in political activity – and quite right too.

We have our opinions and may express them, of course, but demos?

No Way!

Not so in Austria, where a silly little American blonde, Caroline Fitzpatrick, has got her pinko knickers in a twist about Donald Trump.


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“After the election result I felt more than just disappointment, I felt a combination of many deep emotions and as an American living abroad I felt helpless and alone.”

Hell, she’s lived there for a year and a half? She hasn’t made ANY friends at all?  

Maybe not surprising, I hear you say!

The far-left female is almost beside herself with indignation that at last America has elected a leader who speaks up for normal patriotic Americans, unlike his predecessor.

According to The Leftal, sorry, The Local, Vienna’s Mad Minx March ( I leave it entirely up to you if you interpret ‘mad’ as implying the US meaning, ‘angry’ or the UK meaning, ‘deranged!’)  –is not intended to be an exclusively anti-Trump march but a show of support for civil rights, and is supported by 200 progressive groups….

There ya go!



Leftal bias shining through, refusal to admit it’s a LEFTIST demo, calling it instead ‘progressive.’  Why do the media misuse vocabulary to misrepresent realities?

‘Progress’ means advancing, taking steps forward towards better things. One might think keeping Vienna’s streets safe for women and girls to walk around at night is the most needful step forward that Austria could take.

But not these minxes, nor their counterparts elsewhere!

It has turned into a bigger global movement responding to the rising rhetoric of far-right populism around the world.”

In other words, these bints are anguished by the fact that free speech and free elections are waking Austrians up and channeling, via the ballot box, their hopes to safeguard their cities from savages.

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  • It’s predicted that the patriot party there is ahead of everyone else in the run-up to the next parliamentary elections.
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….their chosen day, the deliverance of the White House from Obama’s malign occupancy, tells us what they’re all about.

Not ‘exclusively anti-Trump?‘ True – it’s against patriotic resurgence EVERYWHERE!

I wish no harm to those woeful wenches out in Wien today, so I recommend that when they weary of shrilling and milling about, they don’t walk home alone if night has fallen.


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