NO, Mr. Hannan! We Must NOT Betray European Friends

 With the UK Supreme Court ruling due Tuesday, my thoughts turn to Brexit, and in particular something I have just read.

I have the highest respect for Daniel Hannan MEP, who has been a valiant warrior in Britain’s freedom struggle for years, ever-ready to excoriate the EUSSR and all its iniquities.


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Referendum Campaign – Tips for Pro-Liberation Brits! 

But this time we need to take issue with what he has been writing in Conservative Home.

Far likelier is that we will end up as what Winston Churchill envisaged: an ally of the United States of Europe…  Within a few years’ time, the only thing we’ll ask why we didn’t do it earlier. Daniel Hannan – May’s Brexit vision is Churchill’s vision of Britain and Europe

It’s quite true that Churchill was never in favour of Britain being part of any ‘United Europe…’ – presumably concerned about the possible emergence of another destructive German leader…

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  • ….which was unlikely then but has of course now come to pass.

That Churchill view is often twisted into lies and put about by UK Europhiliacs, who claim Old Winston wanted Britain to be part of a USE – he didn’t!




But while Churchill may seven decades ago have sounded sympathetic to a Continental USE, no way should British patriots today contemplate with equanimity the abandonment of any of the subject nations shackled to the EUSSR.

I wasn’t surprised to hear Theresa May say that she supports the success of the European Union.




She was a docile running dog in Cast-Iron Cameron’s Project Fear.

However, I am appalled that a British patriot like Dan Hannan could come out with cr-p about supporting the project.

Quite apart from national self-interest (the more free countries nearby, the better) it is surely incumbent on decent people to cheer on resistance movements against tyranny.

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  • No need to start gun-running across the Channel, but, at the very least, British leaders, and every Brit, should show solidarity with those brave European patriots who declared for freedom in Koblenz last weekend. 

Europe’s Nationalist Leaders Present Vision for ‘a Free Europe’


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Of course France should be free to break free from Brussels misrule…

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  • …and so should Holland, Denmark, Italy, and Germany too.

Let Brits savour their regained sovereignty, by all means.

But it’s a right to which every country is entitled.




Our goal should be the destruction of the Evil Empire, not collaboration therewith.