‘1984’ Sales Surge – Why? Could Be Cultural Marxist Censorship!

Heck,  I got my new dispenser yesterday, but then decided to lounge around JCO coffee shop,  

Several hours later, the traffic that always heralds a holiday weekend made my journey home long and wearisome, so skipped planned blog-work!

Then today, I rang the tukang aqua – the guy who delivers those big bottles of drinking water –

‘Sorry, mister, on holiday!’

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Yup, Chinese New Year! Of course I knew it was a holiday, but many small shops etc. don’t close for business -but he did.

So off on my travels again, to buy a few smaller bottles, bring ’em home, and resume drinking my Kapal Api coffee!

Only now catching up on the blogging.



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Much ado about 1984, a great book by one of my favourite authors – I’m pretty sure I’ve read every one of his books!

Animal Farm was also good, a brilliant satire on marxist hypocrisy, which George Orwell experienced first, when he fought on the losing side in the Spanish Civil War.


  • b8c62-animal_farm
  • Seems sales of 1984 have increased rapidly, and the left propaganda machine, CNN etc., are trying to spin this as a knock-on effect of the Trump victory.
  • They hate the fact that he’s reminded Americans how illegals can get to vote in their elections.  

    Alternative CNN Universe? Illegals Never Voted – Why? ‘It’s Against The Law!’ 

  • Big Brother in ‘1984” has a variety of regularly repeated slogans, like –
  • ————

Hasil gambar untuk 1984


A bit like saying

Crimmigrants are Refugees.





Illegal Immigrants are Undocumented Migrants




Censorship is Free Speech.


I’d hazard a guess that the 1984 sales surge, far from being related to Donald Trump’s war on the dishonest media…




…is more likely a consequence of young people seriously interested in getting an education, many of whom are at a loss to understand the sad, sick mind-set of so many American college administrators and professors and lecturers…

Hate-Preaching Pinko Prof? Don’t Shoot Her, Fire Her! 



The Walking Brain-Dead?- Sex-Obsessed Melissa ‘Muscle!’ 

….some of whom we have noted before for their obnoxious antics–

…aiding and abetting pig-ignorant left-liberal ‘students’ (haha!) determined to stomp freedom of expression on campuses across the USA.

I wasn’t going to bother with the issue – there are so many issues these days – but then I saw an excellent piece in the WSJ…

Censorship Is Free Speech? It Must Be the Class of 1984

…which inspired me to do so.

I highly recommend that you read the whole thing.

But here’s a sample to whet true conservative appetites.

The inclusive-language campaigns at the University of Wisconsin’s campuses in Milwaukee and River Falls have also discouraged students from saying “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien…” 


What can one say in response to such drivel?


And how about that extremely peculiar woman at the previously respected University of Northern Colorado…




…where a “Language Matters” campaign last year warned students not to say “All lives matter.”

Instead of hammering the racist rot spread around by the intolerant ‘Black Lives Matter’ rabble…

Booed By Racist Mob For Saying “White Lives Matter,” Democrat U-Turns ASAP 

….the dean of students, Katrina Rodriguez, defended the program…saying it was “about being mindful about how words can affect others and the conversations provide an opportunity for individuals to understand why particular language may be hurtful to someone else in our community of learners.”


  • sorry
  • ————-

Sticks and stones, babe.

If they are old enough to enrol in university, they shouldn’t be whining like spoilt toddlers that other students’ words leave them with hurt feelings!

If that’s how infantile they are, they should drop out till they grow up.

Rodriguez is a a simpering creep! Click and Cox  – the weirdo women in our photos above – are a disgrace to the academic world. That they’re permitted to hold positions of responsibility is an indictment of modern American academia.

But Brit readers need to remember that UK universities are similarly afflicted –

British Universities Pander to Islamist Inquity 

The UK – Gaystapo Rules Sheffield University!