Biased CNN Becky Reckons ‘Grafitti is Art?’ And Worse!

Try as I might, I have found it impossible to find any tolerable person among CNN’s hirelings, whether it’s…

That queer little Lemon, who outdid himself by saying…


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… that the Chicago torturers were ‘not evil!’

Though I bet the simpering drip is very upset with Trump’s ideas about torturing terrorists.

And then there’s the unrepentant communist Van Jones…

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We have noted their unpleasant existence already.


But tonight?


How about this Becky Anderson, who looks down her supercilious nose at her viewers from her fancy residence in Abu Dhabi.


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Every hour or so, near enough, there’s a plug on the pinko channel for her ‘Connect’ show, and the plug consists of her telling us how –

Where YOU see grafitti, I see art…’

She then warbles on in her expensively elocuted accent, with a series of fatuous comparisons – all sorts of things where SHE sees everyday stuff much more perceptively than we mere earthlings do.


elite arrogance-s


What a stuck-up wally!

Well, today, she told us that she sees the American Dream – but NOT in America.


It’s alive, she said, ‘IN CANADA!’

Yeah, right!

That’s what she said, about an hour ago.

I’m sure Canada’s current unfortunate incarnation as Turdostan is indeed her dream country. 

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Why do these people hang onto jobs in journalism when they can’t keep their personal political prejudice out of news broadcasts?


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