New UK Normal? If Thugs Attack, Lecture ‘Em On Dogma?

It may seem callous, and I’m usually sympathetic to victims of savage gangs, but this true tale compelled a wry grin.

A media lecturer in East London was out for a run, heading innocently along a canal bank, when suddenly he was set upon by ‘Asian’ hoodlums.



Hurled into the icy water, he managed to clamber out, despite efforts by the thugs to prevent this.


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Abruptly, they did a runner.

He attributes their sudden decision to scarper to the fact that he –

said something in Arabic – a Muslim declaration of faith. As soon as I said it, a look of panic spread across their faces.

Rather bravely, the ‘slightly-built’ academic pursued the gang.

When he caught up with them, the tenacious victim was told they’d attacked him because he was white.

His response was to advise them – and here I quote –

“that in the current political climate, such actions could have a negative effect on the Muslim Pakistani community” and lectured them on “the positive aspects of Mohammed and Islam.”


Yeah, well, you would, wouldn’t you!


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