FedEx Hero Won’t Be Fired? Only Vermin Said He Should Be!

FedEx tweeted Saturday morning that Matt Uhrin, an employee who tried to stop the burning of American flags with a fire extinguisher Thursday in Iowa City, will not be fired. 

FedEx won’t fire employee who intervened in Iowa City flag burning

For The Luvva God!


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Whoever even suggested this man  – Matt Uhrin’s his name – might risk dismissal for doing what any decent citizen has a moral duty to do – prevent filthy freaks from desecrating his country’s flag?


FedEx man, Matt Uhrin, was unafraid as he waded into the group of flag-burners, because he knew that there wasn't a man among them.

Matt Uhrin Confronts Flag-Burning Vermin


Turns out an undesirable agitprop gang called CopBlock are the villains of the story.

Their obnoxious demand that Matt be fired provoked indignation even from some of their own sympathisers (nice to know at least some leftists still have a glimmer of decency!)

Meanwhile, two of the swine involved have been arrested and charged for the offensive conflagration.

Police arrested 21-year-old Kelli Ebensberger of Iowa City and 23-year-old Paul Osgerby of Ames.  According to the police report, officers say they saw Osgerby setting fire to a U.S. flag Ebensberger was holding. The pair did not have the proper permit from the fire department for a fire.

Unfortunately, the maximum penalty in Iowa City for not having a permit to burn one’s national flag is a mere thirty days.


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  • Let’s hope that’s what they get.

Anything less is an insult to everyone who served under the Stars and Stripes.