C’mon, Theresa – UK Needs A ‘Monday Night Massacre!’

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CNN is not good for brunch digestion.

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…the unnecessary, indiscriminate killing of a large number of human beings or animals, as in barbarous warfare or persecution or for revenge…

The CNN bias I am inured to, but this kind of absurd hyperbole – a ‘Massacre?’ When one Obama hold-over is relieved of her duties after steeping out of line?  – is simply pathetic.

However, President Trump’s sturdy Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, offered hope earlier of something at least a little bit nearer the dictionary definition.



No killing, no cruelty, but certainly a larger number of people, namely the ratbag element in senior government employ, actively working against their government’s clear stated policy.

viz.more than 100 diplomats have signed dissent memo in State Department …http://www.chicagotribune.com/


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Sean Spicer


‘Get with the program or go!’

Three cheers for that right and proper response from Mr. Spicer!


If only the British Government would take similar steps.




I can remember the day Maggie Thatcher resigned and it was reported that traitor swine in the Foreign Office were popping champagne.

A den of traitors and a nest of vipers, as the late great Enoch Powell described them.

Most will have retired by now, on fat pensions paid by the tax-payers…


  • snouts_in_the_trough
  • …………………….
  • …tax-payers who showed last June that they are more loyal to Queen and Country than the mangy Europhiliac mandarins who swilled bubbly that day three decades or more ago…

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But the treason party has not been eradicated – it has infested, festered and become engrained in the FCO over the years.

Just read through the excellent Bruges Group report.



Britain and Europe: The Culture of Deceit – Bruges Group



Over to Theresa.

IF Mrs. May genuinely wants to get Brexit signed and sealed successfully, she should root out the renegade Remainiacs still crawling within the FCO’s corridors of power.

But that’s a big IF!