Skip Starbucks! Avoid Airbrib! Don’t Accept Lyfts From Strange Men!

I can buy a nice hot coffee for Rp.3000 in downtown Jakarta – that’s US 30 cents, more or less.

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There’s lots of guys (and gals) on street corners who offer such a cheap and cheerful drink, although without fancy furnishings – you get to sit on a plastic stool on the pavement!




Or walk into the nearest warung or warteg, modest premises with basic tables and chairs – same price. 


There are many  fancier places around.


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I like JCO, where my coffee will set me back Rp.15,000 with a free doughnut thrown in! They also have both indoor seating and outdoor, which makes life  pleasant for us smokers.


And then there’s Starbucks, which sells coffee no better than JCO’s (or KFC’s or Mcdonalds’) but whose management seems determined to peddle left-liberal politics.

We have noted this before.

Jangan Ke Starbucks Lagi! Tolak ‘Gay’ Marriage! (Bahasa Inggris/Bahasa Indonesia) 

And again today.

Starbucks pledges support for migrants after Trump ban

Their boss, Howard Schulz, is a notorious Obamanoid.

He is determined to oppose President Trump’s key and popular policy.


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Schulz has declared himself in favour of…


“Building bridges, not walls, with Mexico…”

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It’s not just Starbucks, of course.

A ride-sharing company named Lyft  – apparently it operates only in the USA  – has just made a huge donation – A MILLION DOLLARS – to the most ferocious Enemy Within, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)


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Very strange behaviour for a business.

We know what ACLU is for…and against!


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The red/pink/yellow elements are boycotting Uber because that company prefers to serve customers… 

Boycott Targets Uber for Not Joining Strike in Protest of Trump Travel


 No patriot should EVER use Lyft again

Another outfit with wich I am not familiar, Airbrib, is jumping in with another rich leftist. CEO Brian Chesky, asking those stranded by Trump’s ban to contact him for a place to stay. “Closing doors further divides US.”
“Not allowing countries or refugees into America is not right, and we must stand with those who are affected.”

Starbucks, Airbnb pledge support for migrants after US travel ban

So here’s a good question to ask yourself, if you want to rent a place to stay when you’re away from home (that’s what their business is about)


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