Petty Pinko ‘Housing Campaigners’ Snub Marine!

The petty, nasty face of the French Left in-crowd was on display again this week, in Paris.

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  • ‘Housing campaigners’ working through something called the Abbe Pierre Fondation (FAP) are alarmed at homelessness in France, and released a report on the problem.
  • They assert that some 4,000,000 people either do not have a home or live in very poor housing conditions.
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  • I have no means of verifying those stats, but clearly the claim deserves attention. so…
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  • Presidential candidates Yannick Jadot, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Emmanuel Macron and Benoît Hamon were due to appear at a public debate in Paris on Tuesday. 
  • Homelessness in France still on rise as Hollande’s mandate ends
  • But why didn’t Marine Le Pen show up?
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  • She is either ahead in the race to succeed the hapless Hollande in the Elysee  Palace, or at least in a strong second place.
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  • Moreover, Marine has often expressed her enthusiasm for helping disadvantaged French folk.  
  • As leader of the patriot party in France, housing should be a natural issue for her to tackle – Hollande has spent millions of French tax-payers’ money, splurging their hard-earned cash on crimmigrants.
  • One of the worst examples of this wanton waste was the shameful imposition of unwanted alien squatters from Calais on innocent towns and cities all over France.
  • Tell Us, Hollande – How Will Such Savages Enrich French Rural Life! 


  • French Studies – Cartography and Crimmigrants! 
  • Hollande jack-booted this internal colonisation with NO popular mandate, no referendum, local or national.

    In France Today, Democracy’s ‘A Threat To Public Order!’ 

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  • So of course Marine Le Pen could have made a telling contribution to any debate on her country’s housing problems.
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  • But she was absent on Tuesday!
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  • Has she suddenly lost interest?
  • The ill-mannered leftists of the Fondation decided to put their political prejudices ahead of the issue they claim to be so concerned about.
  •  National Front candidate Marine Le Pen was not invited because of what the Fondation Abbé Pierre called its “profound disagreement” with her politics.
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  • Charitable?
  • Self-righteous, arrogant, callous clowns!