Breaking News- Red Nazis Stomp Free Speech in California!

Just up and getting ready for a busy day, when suddenly the tv talk-show halts to tell us that a pack of filthy red savages are running amok at the University of California’s Berkley campus, a determined assault on free speech. Another American flag has been burned. 

Ironic, since in the Sixties the Left liked to call that place their ‘free speech’ HQ.

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The target of these black-clad, masked ‘Antifa’ scum, who are engaged in violence, arson and vandalism, is Milo Yiannopoulos, whom CNN has impartially (!) dubbed an ‘internet troll.’


Gambar terkait



He’s something of an unusual character, but since when does that deprive him of his right to free expression?

Of course the hate-hoodlum gang is out to get him because he supports President Trump.

Now we hear that the college authorities have cancelled the speech.

Another victory for red vermin.

The cops should have opened fire!