Shawn Steel – Seventy Plus, Still A Freedom-Fighter!

This guy was born in 1946 – he’s even older than ME!

Yet he displays an energy and an argumentative acumen that outmatches the unspeakables he goes up against on CNN almost every other day…


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…or so it seems; he’s on a lot anyway, a token conservative in a left-liberal swamp!

We need more like him.

I was especially impressed one day last month when he spoke about those arrogant alien louts who stomped their way across the Balkans to stick their free-loading snouts into the German welfare trough.

Genuine families are one thing, Shawn pointed out, for whom a case might be made. 


war zone 2

But these strutting brutes – you know the ones I mean, Amber’s Army and the like…

Amber’s Army Disembarks – Brits Should Echo French Resistance! 

… should, Shawn went on, be back home defending women and children, not cravenly abandoning the defenceless to the not-so-tender mercies of the ISIS rape-gang and other terror beasts.


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 Shawn Steel


I have to hand it to him, too, for the way he maintains his good humour.

I get incensed even here at home, when the hate pours forth from CNN’s pack of leftist layabouts, vixens like Symone Sanders…

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CNN’s race-baiter Symone Sanders – what a honker!


…who infamously sneered at a white victim of racist violence…

CNN Guest Mocks White Trump Supporter Beaten By Black Mob:”Oh My Goodness! Poor White People!”



By that, I mean the mob AND Sanders!


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“F*** White People!” But We Don’t Know If It’s Hate Crime? 

  • …or, like the repulsive Don Lemon, make excuses for uncivilised animals like the torturers in Chicago.


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  • ===========
  • It must require an immense capacity to keep one’s cool, confronted with CNN’s sty.
  • Not to discount Kelly-Anne. She’s a formidable defender of common sense too, but she’s a young, attractive blonde, so of course we’re all on her side.

Us older blokes have to shine all the time!

And Shawn Steel does.