Rotterburg? Perfect Venue For Merkel’s Treason Trophy!

That arrogant and evil woman, Mama Stasi Merkel, had some nerve to lecture President Trump on the rules that govern refugees.


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  • I had an urge to scold her myself, but was wise to wait, because now we have a leader of the LIBERAL party in Germany do it for me – and not for me alone, but more importantly for the millions of Germans who fully understand how she flouted those very same rules when she allowed a million plus illegal aliens to flood into her country.
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  • Hans Ulrich-Ruelke, head of the German liberal party (FDP) in Baden Wuertemberg’s local parliament, criticized the decision to honour Merkel as a sign of “ignorance.”

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  • “It requires a lot of ignorance to consider the course of Chancellor Merkel in 2015 as correct. With the uncontrolled admission of hundreds of thousands of people from safe third countries, the Federal Government ignored European law and made it difficult to resolve the refugee crisis at the European level,” said Herr Ruelke.
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  • These apt strictures were heard on the occasion of the vile old vixen getting a prize for welcoming about a million ‘refugees,’ phoney or otherwise, including economic migrants, sex-predators and parasites, into her poor country.  
  • Even more apt was the venue, ROTTERburg!
  • For my German readers, ‘rotter’ is a slightly old-fashioned British English term for a person of bad character, the sort who cheats at cards….or queue-jumps!
  • Gambar terkait
  • As illegal immigrants queue-jump to push past honourable foreigners who apply properly for legal entry to a country)