Deranged Street Person Claims To Be Professor!

Professor at NYU Protest Screams at Police, Demands They Attack …




This hideous hag’s public breakdown has to be heard to be believed.

She may have been drunk, or stoned, given her repetitive, foul-mouthed screaming.

But is she really, as she shrilled at her bemused audience, a ‘professor?’

Can nobody identify her?

Hard to believe her claim, but if she is what she said she is, it will be hard, for whatever college she works for, NOT to fire her.

Watch the movie.

It sums up what’s wrong with the USA.

A meeting at which a conservative named Gavin McInnes was to speak had to be cancelled after less than half an hour.

He was physically attacked by red hoodlums.


What a freak show! 

Not just the ‘prof,’ but peculiar menacing people wearing black masks, and a moronic character wearing what seemed to be a plastic dinosaur on his head.

At an accredited college?

Oh, and look out for ( you can hardly miss her!) another obnoxious female, pictured below, who surely cannot be a student – SO inarticulate, SO foul-mouthed.

And that head-scarfed harridan beside her, on the far-left (!) of the photo wasn’t much better.

At one point, Scarfy suddenly HOWLS, like a banshee!



It’s not only dangerous crimmigrants that need to be got rid of.

The Enemy Within and their war on free speech need to be put down.