The Filth in Fort Worth – But Whose Dereliction of Duty?

I don’t know if criminals and low-lifes in the USA share the pejorative vocabulary of their counterparts in the UK.

In particular, I refer to how undesirables use ‘The Filth’ to describe law enforcement officers.

Distasteful though it is, the ‘Filth’ phrase does, however, seem entirely appropriate to apply to an SOB named Daniel Segura, who has publicly announced that he’s deaf to the call of duty, as far as  enforcing immigration law in Forth Worth, Texas, is concerned.


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The scumbag used Facebook to spread the word to crimmigrants that they were in safe hands, at least as far as he – and by implication, other collaborationist cops – are concerned. He told all illegal aliens that Fort Worth police haven’t enforced immigration laws “for many, many years…”

Several good questions might be put to these bad cops.

Exactly how many years ago did these rogues rat on their responsibility to round up individuals with no right to be in Forth Worth?

Did they stop doing so of their own accord, or were they ordered to cop out.


“We, in Fort Worth, do not execute or enforce laws on immigration so that people that live in Fort Worth do not have the fear that we can possibly deport them. That is not true.”

A disgrace to the uniform, yes.




  • But what’s INFINITELY WORSE is the utter irresponsibility of the Fort Worth city authorities.
  • Segura’s superiors managed to put together an official statement asserting that Scumbag Segura was lying. 
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  • The Fort Worth Police Department enforces all laws and protects all its citizens and is not a sanctuary city.
  • The video was not intended to represent the views of the City of Fort Worth on immigration or compliance with immigration policies.”
  • But the craven klutzes have not only failed to fire the swine, but don’t even have the cojones to impose ANY disciplinary sanctions against a man who should be drummed out of the force…
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  • ….and subjected to intensive investigation, to see what immigration crimes he has turned a blind eye to for all those many, many years.