If Only The BBC Cared About The Country!

I rarely have a good word to say about the BBC.



Broadcasting House, London


Yet last Sunday, I watched – purely by accident – a programme of theirs that held me spellbound, horrified fascination keeping me in my comfy weekend chair, despite the Jakarta sunshine beckoning alluringly from beyond my front door.


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I won’t go into the whole story, because you can read it here

Who was the abandoned man with no memory? – BBC

Suffice to say that it’s about an elderly American man, suffering from Alzheimer’s, or some similar debilitating ailment, whose wife and son somehow took him to the UK, had him taken into a care home, then swanned off on jaunt around Europe.

Then they went back to the USA and left the poor old guy in England.

It was frankly heart-breaking. It was also brilliant journalism, diligently researched and produced.

And THAT’s my point in writing this.

The BBC clearly CAN investigate thoroughly when they want to.

So why are their hacks so slipshod when it comes to crimmigrants?

What is it that lets them guzzle any garbage churned out by Calais curs? 

Cacaphonous Calais Crimmigrants, Blatant BBC Bias 

Why do they show such commitment to helping law enforcement in the case of a neglected senior citizen in California…

——————–Roger Curry

Roger Curry, abandoned in England


…yet make no effort to alert border police in Turkey? 



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Calais crimmigrants amok


…or in France, when they observe crimmigrants in the act of attempting to violate international frontiers…

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….especially when the frontier is the English Channel, the gateway to the island nation whose tax-payers pay for the BBC, or rather are forced to pay for the BBC, whether they watch it or not?

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  • If only those in charge at the BBC cared about their country!