Media Party Animals – CNN’s Ceaseless Sniping!

 Just got home, laden with shopping, bread, eggs, light-bulbs, another book to read out front tomorrow if the sun comes out – happy to have avoided today’s rain –  and flicked channels.

Two CNN propaganda pedlars, one male, one female,talking about the Leftist ‘comedy’ programme, ‘Saturday Night Live,’ some drippy dame insulting President Trump’s Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, apparently.

Fortunately, we don’t get SNL on cable here in Indonesia.

But the last time I saw part of its vile product was when that unscrupulous blonde creature disguised as Horror Hillary exploited the death of Leonard Cohen.


Hasil gambar untuk snl cohen



Some soppy blonde bint named McKinnon sat down at their piano and, purporting to be the repulsive Hillary Clinton, sang one of LC’s greatest songs, Hallelujah.      

S.N.L. Exploits Leonard Cohen’s Death To Exalt Clinton 

I briefly wondered if it was the same pathetic puke this time, but no, it wasn’t.

It was another odd woman, named Melissa McCarthy.


Hasil gambar untuk melissa mcCarthy snl



CNN  followed up with an extract of said mockery show, in which Mr. Spicer was portrayed as a madman.

OMG, what an unappealing little brute that McCarthy is!

Hasil gambar untuk cnn bias

And, boy, weren’t those two CNN hacks promoting SNL?!?

Do they get bonuses for boosting toe-rags who trash Trump appointees?

‘You have to watch it,’ gushed Ms. Pravda, whose real name I didn’t catch.

‘She’s a genius,‘ drooled Mr. Pravda…

Hasil gambar untuk max foster cnn

…aka Max Foster.


Do these people lack any sliver of that talent praised by the old Scots poet, ‘tae see theirsels as ithers see us?’

Do they have NO notion of how their overt malice towards the new Administration is waking up even the most somnolent viewers to the menace of the Media Party?