Now It’s Hungary! Soros Subversives Exposed Again!

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Péter Szijjártó


A very useful interview with Hungary’s Foreign Minister, Péter Szijjártó, on, which echoes the concerns of Macedonian patriots on subversive alien agencies .

We covered the Soros problem there earlier this month…

Smash The Sorosoids! Macedonia Stands Up To Evil! 

…and I imagine we shall be covering malignant Sorosoids in other European countries too.  

The Minister’s answers constitute a very honest appraisal of the threat to democracy that emanates from the externally-financed Enemy Within gangs that like to call themselves NGOs

…. We do know that George Soros finances a lot of organisations in Hungary. He has a very clear, let’s say attempt, or a very clear interest, because he has already announced it and spoken about this very openly…


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  • …he would like this government to fail…

…because he doesn’t like our approach, doesn’t like our policies.


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God Save Hungary!


But it’s not George Soros who has to make that decision about which government leads Hungary. It’s the Hungarian people. 

We find it very anti-democratic that someone from abroad would like to influence Hungarian voters on whom to vote for.


Hmmm…that should win applause from all those Clintonites and other American Leftists who have been kicking up a fuss about alleged attempts to influence US elections from abroad.

But it won’t!

The American Far Left won’t show any interest in Hungary’s problems, because Soros has long been the pay-master of their campaigns to undermine the USA.

The Magyar Minister knows this!




As George Soros had a very clear and tight cooperation with Democrats, with the Clinton family, and he clearly had a strong influence on U.S. foreign policy, he clearly had strong influence on the policy of the Clinton family…


That’s for sure!

And so is this! 

….actually, I don’t think that NGO is the right abbreviation in this regard…

He hits the nail on the head!

… the abbreviation NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organisations, and in many cases it turns out that, maybe, the letter “N” is not appropriate, because many times, other governments, or other organisations which are affiliated to other governments, actually fund this kind of organisations.


That’s exactly what we’ve said here, and which is beyond any doubt!

EUSSR Splurges YOUR Money for Perverts to Lobby EUSSR! 

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A lot of these so-called NGOs have their dirty snouts deep in the public purse, the EUSSR being a major source for agitprop outfits.




They swill down tons of hard cash that governments, in Brussels and in many other European capitals, screw out of tax-payers’ pockets – so no way are most NGOs in any honest sense NON-government.



Best to roust them out, and that takes us on to Poland!

Have a look at this little saga, about the shameless spongers of an ‘NGO’ in Poland, which is funded by NORWEGIAN tax-payers!

Poland’s Law and Justice government wants to clean up the country’s civic sector, but NGOs fear a crackdown is coming.


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Poland’s Prime Minister Beate Szydlo pointed to the parasite  problem last month, identifying the ideological character of more than one so-called NGO in her country…

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 “…a reform was needed because “billions of zlotys… go to foundations which are subordinate to the politics of previous ruling regimes.” 

According to EUObs, Szydlo didn’t specify to whom she was referring, but she hardly has to.

The pinkos concerned have been quite open about their subversive influence on Polish politics. A so-called human rights campaigner, Ewa Kulik-Bielinska by name, was quite brazen about this.

“Law and Justice lost power in 2007 because they hadn’t realised the value of media and NGOs.”

This brazen claim of responsibility for the outcome of an election isn’t enough for the leftist vixen, however.

She carries on brazenly, claiming that it’s the democratically elected government that is subverting civic society through sponsoring their own organisations and presenting them as representative of society at large.


So these new organisation are not representative? The lefty woman has to back down a little –

Turns out one of those named is intent on investigating what the ‘impartial (haha!) EU Observer slurs as ‘conspiracy theories’ about the death of important Polish leaders.

The other is concerned with upholding Catholic policies.

Being of Ulster-Scots Protestant descent, I’m not necessarily a fan of Catholic social doctrine, but given Poland is a 90% Catholic country, they’ve likely got more citizens’ sympathy than the radical left-lib sort of activists of whom Kulik-Bielinska seems to be enamored.

Yet despite involving lots of citizens, Pinko Eva claims they don’t meet the criteria for government support?



 …they aren’t civic in terms of values!”

Not Polish values, note, but Pinko Eva’s cultural marxist values!

And hers are revealed by the reference further down the report to where her agitprop gang got the cash to get started.



Her own branch of Poland’s Enemy Within has come under attack for its links to American financier and philanthropist George Soros, who established the foundation together with a group of Polish opposition leaders in the 1980s.  


Now we know.

Or maybe I should have said LEFT, now we know!

Nowadays the subversive so-called NGOs in Polish cities are still foreign funded, mostly by Norway, one of the largest donors to civic life in Poland. Oslo and Warsaw are currently negotiating an €809 million scheme for initiatives aiming to reduce social and economic disparities in Poland.

And why might the government want to take an interest in how this money is spent?

Because Pinko Eva’s own outfit has played a key role in previous rounds of the cooperation, administering a €578 million funds allotted to Poland for 2009-2014.

How the Hell, why the Hell, has this arrogant leftist woman managed to get control of a multi-million cash bonanza to devote to the promotion of cultural marxist ‘values’ which, as the election results have shown, do not match those of the Polish electorate?

Fine, if she raises money from leftist Poles to promote left-wing goals. That’s how politics should work.

But here she is, whining and ranting about values when she’s using subsidies from abroad.  

I know some may criticise the Law and Justice Poles for echoing the demands of the reds for ‘NGO’ cash. Fair enough. It would be better to stop all such foreign funding – foreign subsidies to subversives?

NO WAY – not one Oslo euro,or slimy Soros dollar,  

And there’s no need for any government money to go to NON-Government Organisations in any country.