‘Scare-Monger?’ CNN Takes Biased Aim At France! .

Let’s not say CNN are unfair. Their bigoted leftist tilt impacts not only Americans whose hostility to cultural marxism offends the Media Party.

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Media Party Animals – CNN’s Ceaseless Sniping! 

French folks too get it in the neck.

This became evident last night when another CNN hackette popped up in Lyons, to provide an ‘objective’ –  ha-ha-ha  – report on the Front Nationale patriot party rally there.



FN leader Marine Le Pen’s speech?


There was an awful lot of scare-mongering –

 – shrilled little Melissa Bell.

Marine’s a ‘scaremonger?’


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‘A person who spreads stories that cause public fear.?    http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/scaremonger


BS! (Merde!)

She’s not spreading rumours!

She’s not spreading stories that cause public fear!

She’s speaking up for her country, where much of the public is OF COURSE living in fear, not because of anything Marine has said or done, but because sectarian savages have murdered hundreds of their fellow-citizens…

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…and because within their own cities…



Banliue burning


….entire neighbourhoods ( banlieues) are infested with disloyal aliens.

Many are indeed alarmed, because their current President, Francois Hollande, won’t deport these bad people, wont intern them..

…and has deliberately imported twenty thousand more aliens at the best of HMV Mama Stasi Merkel in Berlin…


…and has imposed thousands of the Calais crimmigrant curs on defenceless towns and villages all over France…

In France Today, Democracy’s ‘A Threat To Public Order!’ 

And denied the French people ANY say in his monstrously unjust ‘grand design.’


How DARE this little CNN smear merchant ramble about ‘scaremongering?’

PS Only now learn she was recruited from the far-left propaganda channel France 24 – quelle surprise!