Hey-Hey, Ho-Ho, Who Cares Bout Lefty Margaret Cho?

Pete’s Sake!

Can’t even have a fried egg sandwich for breakfast without CNN pumping out propaganda against President Trump.

Today it was the queer little Lemon…


Hasil gambar untuk don lemon not evil


…remember his social conscience?

He was interviewing (aka engaged in mutual admiration with) somebody called Margaret Cho, allegedly a ‘comedian’ who is in the running for a ‘Grammy Award.’

Big deal.

Most of those awards are bestown by the in-crowd, no democratic vote.

Yet if The Lemon had managed to keep the conversation on the entertainment industry’s self-regarding honours system, no big deal.


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Hey-hey, ho-ho, it’s pinko ‘Comic’ Cho


Instead, he almost at once used that nitwit McCarthy’s cavorting…

Media Party Animals – CNN’s Ceaseless Sniping! 

….to steer Cho into anti-Trump gabbling.

Cho readily obliged, with much simpleton gibberish about the President, then escalated the tripe-level by saying that it was a shame that the grotesque Ga-Ga had ‘missed an opportunity’ by not making sufficiently divisive remarks at the SuperBowl on Sunday.

They ended by telling each other how wonderful they looked. That alone suggests as myopic a view of themselves as of the changing political scene that so upsets them.